Entrance Canopies

Entrance Awning

Vineyard Caterers

Aquebogue, NY

Not only can Entrance Canopies or Covered Walkways serve as an architectural feature but they also give the practical benefits of providing protection from the weather and leading visitors to the proper entrance.

Entrance Walkway

Walkway Framework

LaGuardia International Airport Delta Terminal 4
Flushing, NY 11369


Entrance Awning with Graphics

Entrance Awning with Custom Graphics

East Northport, NY - Suffolk County, Long Island


Entrance Canopy

The Bristol Entrance Canopy

East Northport, NY - Suffolk Count, Long Island

We fabricate entrance canopies to meet your specific needs and architectural specifications.

As businesses expand, buildings often become detached from each other creating difficulties of moving between or entrance to buildings in bad weather. The answer is to link these buildings with covered walkways that can either be open or closed sided to create external corridors.

Custom Walkway Canopy

Grant Funeral Homes, Inc.

Brentwood, NY


Entrance Awning

Entrance Awning in Farmingdale NY - Suffolk County, Long Island

Linked walkways have proved beneficial in many venues including: hospitals, business campuses, schools, colleges and universities etc.

Newsday Walkway Canopy

Newsday Walkway Canopy

Melville, NY

Bristol Entrance Canopy Post Office Canopy
Entrance Awning in East Northport, NY Entrance Canopy In Plainview, NY


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