Equipment and Facilities

M & M Awnings

Truck Fleet for M & M Awnings & Signs

Our fleet of trucks

Eastman Cutter Plotter

Our brand new 32' X 10' computerized cutting table allows us to cut our awning fabric with speed and accuracy.

Eastman Cutter Plotter
Computerized Cutter

20' flatbed truck

This is our new 20' flatbed to transport Large Awnings

For producing Large digital signs & banners

Our new Roland VS 640 enables us to produce Large Digital Prints for Awnings, Signs and Banner.

Thermatron Heat Sealer

With the Thermex Thermatron radio frequency heat sealer we are able to heat fuse vinyl materials together. The benefits of radio frequency sealing are many; the seam is both strong and watertight. The process is very quick, each seal takes a matter of seconds.



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