Custom Enclosures for Home

Protect your family and friends from the weather with custom made enclosures for your home.

Poolside enclosure 

Soft Residential Enclosures

Many homes have some type of outdoor living space. Our soft drop wall enclosing option allows you to use that space in the colder weather.  

The soft drop walls zip to each other and secure at the bottom with bungie and clips.  The advantage of the soft drop wall enclosure is that you have the option of rolling the walls up or putting them down. Because they are user serviceable you do not need to pay any type of seasonal maintenance fee
Soft residential enclosure  inside enclosure 
residential enclosure  Inside enclosure 

Framed Residential Enclosures

Our framed enclosure system really creates the feel of being in a room inside your home. It is a modular system of framed panels wrapped in solid and clear vinyl materials.  

The material is stretched tightly around the frame. Doing this makes the panels look much more like a real wall and window. Because the panels are framed they seal the outside air out very well. The other nice thing about the framed enclosure system is we offer a framed door with a closer, handle, push bar, and kick stop.
framed eclosure with host tub 

inside enclosure


enclosure  framed enclosure door 
 enclosure with dog door
dog door in framed residential enclosure

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