Benefits of Getting a Vestibule Enclosure for Your Restaurant

The benefits of vestibule enclosures are well understood by New York City’s busy restaurants and establishments with a steady foot traffic flow. Restaurant owners in New York City are well aware of how severe the weather can be. Many restaurants install vestibule enclosures to improve the appearance of their establishments and keep customers warm during the fall and winter.

What are Vestibule Enclosures?

A vestibule is a custom enclosure that is placed at the entrance to many businesses. It combines function and form and serves as a barrier between the outside and the inside.

Types of Vestibule Enclosures for New York City Restaurants and Cafes

Custom vestibules can provide temporary shelter from wind, harsh winters, and even heat. It can shield the front door from cold wind, rain, and dust while also serving as a pre-entrance waiting area or extra seating for a restaurant. If you have a larger space, you can install vestibule storage space for your business.

Below is a list of vestibule options:

  • Outdoor Vestibule –Temporary winter vestibule enclosures, entry vestibules, sidewalk vestibules, and prefabricated, low-cost vestibules are all traditional construction options. These multifunctional options all provide shelter, but their construction, materials, and size vary. Some are light, portable, and removable, allowing for a quick temporary winter enclosure.
  • Indoor Vestibule – An indoor vestibule is commonly used in restaurants to provide a separate entranceway or to separate a room from the inside. These are frequently glass or clear plastic vestibules that provide cold protection and keep customers warm without creating a visual barrier.

Custom vestibules can be customized with a branded logo and unique design to fit perfectly into the overall indoor or outdoor facade.

Benefits of Restaurant Vestibule Installation

A vestibule is a multipurpose and cost-effective solution for providing customers with wind and cold weather protection as well as comfortable outdoor spaces. There are numerous options for installing vestibules. Traditional vestibules, permanent enclosures, temporary winter enclosures, sidewalk vestibules, and other structures are available. You can even choose the most affordable vestibules with the least amount of protection.

Restaurant owners invest in outdoor and indoor vestibules or enclosures for a variety of reasons, including:

Protection from Storms, Sand, Rain, Wind, Cold Air, or the Hot Sun

In the winter and summer, vestibules can help maintain a more comfortable temperature. Winter vestibule enclosures, for example, can become warm, dry spots during the autumn and winter, lowering heating costs.

Extra Comfort

Indoor and outdoor vestibules both keep warm air inside and keep cold air out of the main door. Customers can wait for a table in a warm and comfortable environment. The wind from a constantly opening door no longer bothers them.

Additional Marketing

Many companies choose vestibules with logos to increase brand recognition. When passers-by see a restaurant or business’s logo on the entrance enclosure, they are more likely to notice and enter. It dresses up a standard restaurant door. Furthermore, vestibules can add a stylish finishing touch to the exterior appearance of a restaurant.

How to Find a Good Company to Install a Vestibule Enclosure for Your Restaurant

It is an investment to add a winter vestibule or other entrance enclosure to your restaurant. As a result, it’s critical to do your homework and find the right vestibule enclosure installer. It takes more than just a quick Google search. Before you hire an installer, here are some questions you should ask, things you should do, and things you should know:

  • Use a licensed and insured installer.
  • Ensure the installer has offices near you to make things easy and convenient.
  • Check the installer’s references.
  • Call the installer for more information about products and services, material costs, and anything else you want to know.
  • Know the type of vestibule or entrance enclosure you want.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Check your homeowner’s association or city guidelines.

Restaurant Enclosure FAQs

  • Are winter vestibule enclosures easily removable? A specialist can quickly install, maintain, and easily remove winter vestibules.
  • Can winter vestibules withstand rain, wind, and sun? Yes, all materials are adequately seamed, waterproof, and can survive severe weather.
  • Is a permit necessary for winter vestibules or complete enclosures? You may require a license for vestibules depending on the region. A permit may be unnecessary in the case of winter vestibule enclosures since they are temporary.

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