Free Standing Awnings In Long Island, NY

Free Standing Awnings in Long Island and NYC

Make your outdoor space more comfortable with shades that exist independently from the walls of your property.

A Freestanding Awnings provide shade on a building’s deck or patio without relying on the building’s walls for structural support. That is why they are referred to as “free-standing.” Sometimes you just need some shade over a specific area of your yard or commercial property, and touching the walls is not an option. As a result, a free-standing retractable awning is the ideal solution.

They are useful for both residential and commercial properties. Everyone enjoys relaxing and unwinding in the open from time to time, and the sun or rain are usually not invited in these settings.

A free-standing awning gives commercial properties and businesses an extra square foot of space to accommodate more customers. When the weather is nice, you’ll notice that many customers prefer to drink and talk with their friends outside, under the front bar’s shade. It provides a convenient place to bond with family and friends on the deck, patio, or for outdoor events in residential areas.

Roof styles, awning fabric colors, fabrics themselves, and parent material all differ in free-standing awnings. Because they come in so many styles and colors, business owners and people who live in private neighborhoods like them. This is because they can choose one that fits their style and color preferences and still use the awnings’ practical features.

M&M Awnings has a variety of free-standing awnings, and you can call us right now for a free quote and to discuss your options.


free standing awning in long island ny

Benefits of a Free-Standing Awning

  • Provides shade over your patio, deck, or garden for relaxation and comfort in residential properties
  • Extra outdoor space for customers in commercial and business properties
  • They are sturdy and more durable than canopies
  • They are more attractive and functional than tents or canopies
  • They can be temporal or permanent shades
  • Very easy to install, closes easily, or can be relocated with ease
  • Water and wind-resistant

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With our free-standing awnings that combine functionality and elegance, you can add more color, aesthetic allure, and style to your residential property’s deck or patio. Choose any of our free-standing commercial awnings to make your business’s outdoor space more comfortable for customers who like to sit outside.

M&M Sign & Awning takes pride in installing high-quality residential and commercial awnings on Long Island and in New York City. We have a variety of styles, shapes, and colors to meet the customization needs of our NYC clients, and if you’re a business, you can brand your awning for additional exposure.

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