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Nothing feels better than eating your best meal while surrounded by beauty. Dining on a shaded restaurant terrace is something everyone enjoys. However, awnings for outdoor dining are the best choice for businesses in the food service industry looking to enhance their outdoor appearance and increase the outdoor dining area.

A great awning will improve your restaurant’s appeal while protecting your customers from elements like the hot sun or cold. It is also a way to generate more income for your business as it extends outdoor seating areas.

Our awnings for outdoor diners provide aesthetic and functional solutions for expanding your business and utilizing outdoor spaces. You can easily create an elegant outdoor dining area with customized designs and a wide array of fabrics.

Outdoor awning for patio in long island ny

Benefits of Awnings for Outdoor Dining

There are many benefits to having an awning for your outdoor seating areas. Our outdoor dining awnings can maximize your available space and enhance your building’s aesthetics. In addition, they’re tailored to your needs and provide ample shade from outdoor elements.

It Increases Your Business Seating Capacity

You might want to expand your business if you’re in the food service industry. Restaurant awnings are the best option for you to achieve this. It helps you extend your outdoor seating and generate more income for your business.

They Offer Ventilation

Without sacrificing the comfort of your guests, a restaurant awning can help you create ample ventilation. Like canopies, an awning allows your customer to enjoy the outdoor area’s gentle breeze and fresh air. However, it still covers harmful UV rays and terrible weather conditions.

It Helps Maintain a Comfortable Temperature

Our retractable awnings are compatible with various windows and solar screens. This helps you improve the air circulation for your guests. They will protect your customers from direct sunlight, wind, and other outdoor elements while improving ventilation and air quality. In addition, restaurant awnings help you maintain a comfortable temperature that’ll help you reduce your energy bills during the warmer months.  

It will Create an Inviting Social Space

There’s something inviting about being able to eat outside, and installing an awning for outdoor dining can increase your curb appeal. It allows you to provide your guests with this amazing atmosphere. Additionally, outdoor dining provides a softer ambiance than indoors on pleasant days. Finally, by improving your exterior appearance, restaurant awnings attract more customers to your business.

Outdoor seating barricade panels

Want to section off your outdoor dining area with a non-permanent solution? Our custom barricade panels can be made to fit any space, and come in a variety of colors and styles. They can be made with your logo or restaurant name, giving you more advertisement than ever before!

Year-Round Awnings with Full enclosure

Expand your seating area and business by adding a year round awning. Let your customers enjoy the open breeze during the spring and summer, and the comfort of a heated space in the winter.

More people than ever before are looking to experience the alfresco dining experience, so providing protection from the elements is a must.

We have lots of options to make your new space completely customized to suit your needs and style.

Give us a call and ask your salesman how quickly an awning/enclosure will pay for itself with the extra business it generates!

Free Standing Awning

As the name implies, you don’t have to mount this awning on a wall or attach them to any part of your building. Free-standing awnings are popular in many open spaces, and their sturdy construction feature makes it easy to cover large spaces like lawns, restaurants, poolside areas, and outdoor diners.

With no fixture to anything, these restaurant awnings can be placed anywhere. They come in different styles, with the most popular options being the hip or pitched roof styles. You can also choose a fabric that fits your unique style and needs.


Why Hire Us?

At M&M Sign & Awning, we are a team of professionals that enjoy what we do and have years of experience to meet all your awning needs. We possess the necessary tools to get the job done and will work with you in an efficient and friendly manner from the beginning to the end to ensure the best possible outcome for your project. Below are what we offer our clients.

We’re committed to excellence. Therefore, our goal isn’t just to meet your expectation; we strive to exceed them. We’re also committed to providing you with the best awning to meet your needs.

Our team of professionals has years of experience in awnings creation. Therefore, you can trust us to get the job done promptly.

We offer a wide array of fabric colors and styles. We’ll design anything you want and ensure it meets your specific requirements.


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