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Do you want to change or improve the look and feel of your outdoor space? Have you ever wanted to add some shade to your front or back yard?

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city or workplace, your home is probably the only place you get to relax, unwind, and generally enjoy the little things in life. But, as much as we love our homes and enjoy being in them, it is natural for us to crave the outdoors. Unfortunately, as beautiful as the outside may appear from the window, weather conditions frequently make sitting outside for an extended period of time unbearable.

But there is a way to enjoy the fresh air, cool breeze, and breathtaking views without leaving your house. We’re discussing custom awnings and enclosures from M & M Sign & Awning.  M&M has been a well-known and trusted brand on Long Island and New York City for over 44 Years.

Everything Under One Roof-Choose from a Range of Awnings & Enclosures

Have you considered doing something with your outdoor space but are unsure if it is worthwhile? A residential awning or enclosure is one of those home improvements you’ll be glad you made. Why? Such additions give you control over the unpredictable external environment while keeping the experience authentic and fulfilling. With an awning or enclosure, you can sit outside to read a book, have an outdoor meal with your family, or even invite friends over for a barbecue. Patio enclosures and awnings can be used in an infinite number of ways. So, aside from the obvious benefit of enjoying the outdoors without the harsh sun on hot summer days or rain/snow in the winter, what else can an enclosure or awning provide?

Increased home value

Did you know that every square foot of living space added to your home increases its value? Not only will it be perceived as more valuable, but it may also command a higher market price.

Increase Appeal

In addition to increasing the value of your property, you also increase its appeal. Houses with well-designed outdoor living areas are more visually appealing than those with no outdoor living space.

Increases your living space

An enclosure adds an additional “room” to your home. So, if you need some alone time, leave the living room to your family and spend it on your patio, porch, or deck.

Creates outdoor living space

Awnings and enclosures allow you to easily create the outdoor living space of your dreams. M & M Sign & Awning can provide you with custom builds without breaking a sweat. Patio enclosures and awnings are an inexpensive way to upgrade your home: they are simple to install, much less expensive than traditional constructions, and certainly much faster. More importantly, you have the option of selecting from a variety of designs.


Why Choose M&M?

When it comes to helping customers bring the comfort of their home to their outdoor space, we don’t mess around. Our job is to make sure you get exactly what you want, if not better. That being said, here’s a rundown of what you can expect from M & M Sign & Awning:

You’ve come to the right place, if you care about quality and longevity.  We only use the highest quality materials to fabricate our awnings and enclosures.  Our team of skilled fabricators and installers pay attention to every detail, large and small.  We will to exceed your expectations.

The first step in the process will be one of our experience fabricators meeting with you.  Together you will discuss exactly the way you would like your awning or enclosure to be.  After all of the details have been discussed and decided on, we will take our fabrication measurements based on that discussion.  From there will be provide a detailed graphic rendering showing how your new awning or enclosure will look.  Once approved we will fabricate your new awning or enclosure and install on a day and time of your choosing.

Having a team of experienced and knowledgably installers is paramount to a good customer experience.  You can build the most beautiful and amazing products, but if you can’t install them professionally and properly.  No one will want them.  Most of our team members have over 10 years with M&M.

Our company focuses on producing products that provide long-term enjoyment and value to homeowners.  We hear often from our customers that our products exceeded their expectations and it was well worth the price

Seasonally Versatile Product Line

A beautiful summer day can quickly become unenjoyable without proper protection from the harsh ultra violet rays of the Sun.  Our full line of retractable and fixed shade products will keep you shaded and protected during the summer months.  Your existing covered patio that you enjoyed all summer can’t be utilized in the harsh winters.  With our Framed Wall Enclosure System you can enjoy your existing outdoor living space all winter.

Call us at 631-502-3444 for a free estimate today. Our services ensure quality and longevity.


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