Storefront Signs On Long Island, NY

Designing Storefront Signs On Long Island and NYC

In addition to providing excellent storefront awning options in Long Island and NYC, M & M Sign & Awning excels as a dependable sign company as well. We can turn your awning into a business sign by incorporating your company’s name, logo, and branding. You can use the area under the canopy, which is already a part of your property, as an outdoor business sign to attract passersby’s attention to your brand.

Because they are a visible aspect of storefronts, awnings are an excellent place to display your company’s name or logo. M & M Sign & Awning has worked with a wide range of materials, patterns, and colors, so you can be confident that the storefront custom signs on your awning will effectively showcase your company’s brand and capture the attention of passersby.

The types of signs we offer include:

Sign Installation in long island ny
M & M Sign & Awning can carve your text or graphics into an almost limitless range of substrates. We can create whatever you have in mind. Suppose you need assistance coming up with an idea, our designers can also help with that.
Awning storefront signs in long island ny
Our professionals can assist with high-quality channel letter signage created to adhere to highly specific standards, such as those required to conform to electrical and building codes.
We create lightboxes in standard and custom sizes that are excellent for media, trade shows, event marketing, indoor and outdoor advertising, and more. Learn how to use the power of illumination to make yourself stand out from the crowd.
M & M Sign & Awning creates a variety of monument displays to increase authority for businesses, schools, malls, etc., in Long Island and NYC. We have a large variety of types to convey any message for your venue.

Our panel signs are made to be streamlined, have a big impression, and advertise your business to passersby, including motorists.


We create a variety of pin lettering styles made of plastic, aluminum, and even stainless steel. All are excellent for outdoor use but they can also be utilized indoors.
Pylon Signs

Elevate & maximize your brand’s visibility with impactful pylon signs. Strategically positioned and featuring eye-catching graphics, our custom-designed pylon signs command attention and guide customers to your business. Stand out in busy commercial areas and attract more customers. Explore our options today.

Are you looking to install or repair Storefront Awnings & Signs in Long Island and NYC? M & M Sign & Awning is your best bet.

M & M Sign & Awning will assist you in creating the ideal awning storefront signs for your company. Our team members are knowledgeable about all types of personalized company signage. We have worked with clients from a variety of industries and have extensive experience in delivering the best results in Long Island, NYC, and surrounding areas.

You can’t go wrong with M & M Sign & Awning’s storefront awnings and signs, thanks to our quick turnaround times, free estimates, and friendly team. To get started on beautifying your business’s entranceway, call us at (631) 502-3444. You can also contact us via email at

We’d love to talk about your business and awning projects with you and get started on your next big sign.



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